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We are the very best when it comes to just about every type of business loan or financing that you might need and remember that we get more approved than any bank ever could!.


Angel Investors For Your Business:


An Angel Investor is a type of venture capital investor, who will loan money in exchange for equity in your business.  Unlike most venture capital investors who want a lot of control and a high rate of return, 20% or more, these lenders generally want less control and a slower rate of return.   An Angel Investment Network brings together a group, anywhere from 10- 150 individual investors, making it possible for them to diversify and loan larger sums of money.    


If you have a good business plan and creative ideas an Angel Investment Network may be the perfect place to raise capital for your new business. Let Business Funders Help You To Get your Loan. Today bad credit loan questions are plentiful. Ask us the tough questions and let us help you!


  • Great Source of Private Capital

  • Specialize in New Companies

  • Large Group of Investors that Pool Their Money

  • Looking for Capital Growth and Revenue Increase over Time

  • Viable for Startups


At Business Funders we specialize in helping small businesses find startup capital everyday!   No matter what your capital needs are contact us today for a free quote from experienced lenders!




Been turned down by other sources?  Are you an entrepreneur with smart ideas and a winning business plan?  An Angel Investment Network might be the perfect solution to raise capital for your small business.   This private capital source looks for viable small businesses to invest their money in, and frequently make their investments with start up companies.  They invest in companies that have high annual growth potential.  By filling out a short application with Business Funders you will have access to multiple lenders and our experts will find the one that is perfect for your situation.