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Apartment Building Insurance Policies


Apartment building owners face a lot of risk.  Purchasing insurance to manage that risk can be a serious and complicated process.  Policies can be hard to get because of the high liability of landlords.  In recent years these policies have become even costlier with many personal injury and mold claims. 


Business Funders can help you take the guess work out of getting the coverage you need.  Our professionals will connect you to multiple credible insurers through one short mini application. 





Apartment building insurance coverage falls into two categories:  Building and Liability. 


Building insurance policies will cover the building against physical loss, and it also may cover loss of earnings, mechanical breakdown, and even building ordinance- coverage for compliance with local laws.    Most landlords collect a security deposit to protect against tenant damage to individual units, but they must have building insurance to cover against larger losses such as fire and theft.  Mechanical coverage is good to have in case of mechanical failures such as heating and air units, electrical, or plumbing. 


Liability insurance covers the apartment building owner against injury and property damage to tenants or visitors.  This coverage must also include some amount of medical payments.   Owners are required by law to have a certain amount of liability and medical coverage on apartment buildings.