$70,000 Start Up Loan

Tanning Salon


$84,000 Cash Advance Loan

Online Beauty Store


1.8 Million Dental Business

Business Acquisition


$900,000 Hard Money Loan

Retail Center


$2.4 Million

Shopping Center Loan


$88,000 Unsecured Loan

Internet Business


$1.2 Million Bootstrap Loan


$6 Million Private Equity Loan


$250,000 Equipment Finance

New Machine


$48,000 Truck Loan

Dump Truck Loan


$340,000 Equipment Loan

Crane Purchase


$59,000 Church Loan

Church Expansion Loan


$34,000 Merchant Cash Loan

Payroll Needed


Business Insurance

Liability Insurance Found


$44,000 Tractor Loan

Industrial Tractor


$890,000 Invoice Factoring

Sports Publisher


$500,901 Accounts Factoring Loan



$1.1 million Factoring Loan

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer


Line of Credit $98,000

Furniture Manufacturer


Line of Credit $590,000

Apparel Company







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