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Business Bridge Loans


Bridge Loan Lenders  provide short term loans quickly.  These loans allow time for the borrower to complete a task, such as finding a tenant, making improvements, or selling a property, in order for them to obtain more permanent financing.    Sometimes banks fund bridge loans, but most often they come from other lending sources. 



At Business Funders we our experts can connect you to the best sources for money fast!   We partner with various Bridge Loan Lenders that are looking for suitable projects in which to lend their money.





Funding companies that provide bridge loans secure these loans with collateral, usually real estate.  Since the loan is secured through real estate there is a lot of flexibility in how the money can be used.  The typical term for this type of financing is six months to one year.  The lenders may grant an extension option, with a fee anywhere from ½ point to 2 points.   They do not usually carry a prepayment penalty.  Businesses generally look for bridge loans because they can be closed quickly and are suitable when you have hard assets but need cash to complete a project.  These loans are typically more expensive than permanent loans and are paid off when permanent financing is obtained.    There are several types of lenders that we will look to for temporary financing.  Banks may be an option, if you have excellent credit, but usually you will need to look for loans through Opportunity Funds and Hard Money lenders specializing in this type of loan.   Business Funders is connected with those sources and will help match your project with the perfect lender.