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 Your business has all the vital lender requirements completed when looking for loan approvals.
Lenders require your approximately 20 different items before they begin to look at credit scores. This is called your business profile. We will help with this!

 Make sure your business is correctly set up with all 3 major business credit bureaus, no cost.
Your business must have credit files with all of the 3 national business credit reporting  agencies. Business credit files are more complicated than personal credit files. One agency will try to charge you over $500. Do fall for this $500 payment! It can be done at no cost at all.

 Get your business at least 5 reporting (most vendors don't report) vendor lines of open credit.
Lenders look for your company to have at least 5 vendor lines of credit that all report to the major business credit bureaus. There are over 1/2 million or more vendors that will offer or extend credit, but only 5500 or so that actually report your crucial payment timeliness. Your vendors must report - we help you get these crucial 5 that report.

 Get your business 3 reporting business credit cards.
Your company must have 2 to 3 business credit cards that are not tied to your social security number. There are over 450 business credit cards available, but less than 35 that will issue a business card without using your social security number. We show you the cards and then we will guide you with information on what it takes to qualify for each business credit card before you begin the application process - very important.

 Obtain a reporting bank loan that is critical to your business credit.
Your business must have 1 bank loan that is reporting nationally. There are 5,000 banks that will offer business loans to your company, but less than 400 of these banks will report credit history when you make payments. This program will help you to get a business loan from a bank that reports vital credit payment history.

 Get access to business funding programs for immediate working capital.
Your business needs access to cash now. Inside there are many small business loan programs that at least one of which is available to almost every business.








Building Business Credit is one of the most vital and important aspect of long term business health! Make sure to build your credit the correct way and separate from your personal credit scores. 95% of all small businesses have their personal credit and business credit tied together.


This is vital mistake for many reasons, yet separating can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Let our expert guidance help you to get the vital business credit that you need along with the separation from your personal credit and personal guarantees.


If you have questions about building credit then please contact us at


We look forward to helping you with very important aspect of both long term and short term business health!