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Computer Equipment Financing and Leasing


In today‚Äôs market, it is important for a business to have the needed computer equipment for their industry.    Technology is constantly changing sometimes making it hard for business to keep the most up to date equipment.  Business Funders can help by providing you with the best options in leasing and financing of computer equipment. 


It is hard to find any business that does not have the need for computer equipment and software.  We offer smart solutions for all types of businesses.   Whether the need is for a computerized office system, integrated phone system, or specialized software, the professionals at Business Funders  can assess your specific needs and connect you with the appropriate lenders.  computer eqipment lease or leasing


Leasing equipment can be an excellent choice for many businesses because it allows the business owner to pass along the sometimes large acquisition expense.  A third party will purchase the equipment for the business owner and allow them to making installment payments over an agreed upon time period, usually 1- 5 years.  A lease allows you to get the  computer equipment you need without tying up a large sum of capital that can be useful in other areas of the business.    


Two payments are usually all the is required at the beginning or the lease, keeping the initial investment low.  Leasing is also a great way to protect your business against the obsolescence.  Computer equipment is one of the areas where this is most important.  We all know that almost as soon as you buy new technology something better is released.    Leasing allows you to trade up much easier than if you have purchased all of the equipment. 


There are a several types of equipment leases to consider.  A standard fixed payment lease will have the same payment form month to month.   If your business is seasonal a skip month lease might be beneficial.  A skip month lease allows a business to skip months during slow periods.  There are also step-up leases and a deferred lease for business that do not have much initial capital to spend.  A step-up lease, as its name suggests, starts with lower payments that increase over time.  A deferred lease allows the business to postpone the initial payment, usually for two to three months.    


There are times when it better to purchase rather than lease.  We can help with computer equipment loans in this case as well, often with only a small investment from the business owner.  This may be a really good option for a new business that needs to purchase equipment as well as furniture and supplies. Also be aware that there are lenders that help those with poor credit to get leasing for specified equipment. Poor credit leasing has certain requirements but can really those businesses in a credit crunch.


Business Funders makes it easy for your business to find the best computer equipment financing available.  Our professional can provide smart solutions for you quickly because we partner with multiple providers.  If you are looking for a small amount of money to upgrade current software or a large computer system for growing company we can help. 



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