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Credit Cards for Business


Business Credit Cards That Help!


Most businesses need to have at least one credit card for incidentals, and it is a good idea to have a couple to help build your business credit.  You can’t beat the convenience of credit cards, but they work best for minor purchases and daily operations.  They are general not the best source for large purchase because of higher interest rates and fees.  However, it is possible for a business owner to take advantage of 0% or low introductory rates.  Using credit cards allows a business to defer some expenses and increase cash flow.  The monthly statements can be a valuable record keeping tools.   


Business Funders is your one stop source for business credit cards.  You will only need to fill out one short application and we will send you multiple offers to choose from.    You will be able to pick from the best rates and incentives available.







Why Use a Business Credit Card?

Credit cards for your business are almost mandatory these days with open credit lines on cards raising your score as well as giving you more purchase power especially for unexpected business expenses. Finding the right card can be a tremendous challenge. Let us help you by leading you to the card that might be the best fit for your business based on a few factors. 


Establish Credit!!! For start up business loans, or loans that are needed by businesses with no credit or very little credit, getting a business credit card can be vital to establishing credit. This along with getting vendors to report your transactions can be vital in getting your new business or your personally the business credit that you need!