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Dental Equipment Financing & Leasing" Let Us Help


It is important for a business to have the most current and proper equipment for their industry.  This is especially important in cutting edge industries like dental and medical practices.  Because equipment can be a very large expenditure for a small or medium practice, businesses usually have to look diligently for the best financing and leasing options. 


Leasing equipment can be an excellent choice for a dental practice because it allows the business owner to pass along the expense of a large equipment acquisition.  In a lease a third party will purchase the equipment for the business owner and allow them to start using the equipment immediately by making installment payments over an agreed upon time period, usually 12- 60 months.  Growing dental offices will need expensive equipment to be competitive.  A lease allows them to get the equipment without using a large amount of capital that might be needed in other areas of the business.    


An equipment lease generally only requires two advance payments at the beginning or the lease, keeping the upfront cash low.  Leasing is also a great way to protect your business against the obsolescence of current equipment.  When a new better x-ray machine is introduced, the dental practice that chose to lease instead of buy will probably be in a better position to trade up.  A dental office can replace outdated equipment without spending a lot of cash.


There are a few types of equipment leases available.  There is the standard fixed payment lease, keeping payments the same from month to month.   Some businesses choose a skip month lease.  This type allows the lessee to skip months during slow periods.  This might work well for an office in a resort area that has more residents, and clients, in a certain season.  Both a step-up lease and a deferred lease are good options when the business is short on initial capital.  A step-up starts with lower payments and increases them over time.  A deferred lease allows the business to postpone the first payment for 60 or 90 days.  


Sometime it makes more sense for a business to purchase rather than lease.  In this case a business may be able to finance large purchases rather than spending a lot of money up front.  This may be a really good option for a new practice that needs to purchase equipment as well as furniture and supplies. 


Business Funders makes it easy for dental practices to find the best equipment financing available.  We partner with multiple providers and will be able to provide you with the best quotes to suite your individual equipment needs.  So whether you have a new dental practice or an established practice that is ready to make upgrades we can help you find the best medical equipment loans.



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Business Funders provides dental equipment dental and medical equipment loans for all kinds of dental practice needs including the following:



Digital X-ray Equipment

Medical Lab Equipment and Supplies

Dental Chairs and Stools

Medical Cabinetry


Flat Screen Monitors

Anesthesia Machines


Medical Reception Furniture

Portable Medical Equipment

Patient Monitoring


And More!


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