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Equipment Finance Examples


$45,000 Medical Equipment Lease

Atlanta, Georgia


$29,000 Imaging Lease

New York


$88,000 Industrial Leasing



$144,000 Office Products

Houston Texas


$78,000 Computers

New York


$114,000 Agricultural Lease



$149,000 Medical Equipment



$39,000 Office

New York City






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$168,000 Dental Equipment

Los Angeles, California


$76,000 Dentist Machines

Akron, Ohio


$29,000 Agriculture



$44,900 Municipal Leases

Sarasota, Florida







Equipment Leasing & Equipment Loans

1000's of Businesses Use Equipment Leasing & Loans to Preserve Working Capital!


Equipment Leasing o finance gives small businesses, like yours, a strong advantage! Low fixed equipment lease payments minimize your capital upfront. d don't forget about the massive write offs from section 179. This preserves your business's working capital and available credit line. Leasing may also help to erase the effects of inflation, equipment becoming outdated and obsolete as well as turnover.


And Don't Forget, Lease Payments (when applicable) are deducted for tax purposes.   When your credit is not perfect equipment leasing is a great option.  In most cases it is easier to new business owners to lease than get a loan to purchase equipment. 


We have leases available for almost every industry & every credit level! A B C & some D Credit Leases!


The Basics of Section 179 Tax Write Off

In 2009, Section 179 allows businesses to deduct a tax liability for the full purchase price (cost) of equipment purchases or buys (up to $250,000). And even better - It also allows for a first-year 50% bonus depreciation for any equipment purchased over the $250,000 mark.


This means substantial, immediate tax relief for your business, and makes financing needed equipment a smart financial move.



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Equipment leases or equipment leasing is naturally structured since a line of credit secured by a exact asset or across a combination of existing assets. Typically this comprises of: accounts receivables, finished goods inventory, real estate, and/or equipment. With asset financing, a company uses its assets as collateral to attain capital. The financing institution does not possess the companies’ assets, but the assets can be seized if the business does not make its required payments on the loan. As well working capital, asset financing can be used for several other purposes.


Name your equipment leasing needs and we are your best bet. We have programs for A, B, C and even some D credit! Whether you need medical equipment leasing, truck, dental, office, construction, computer, heavy equipment, small business products, industrial, bakery, car wash, and even municipal leases.



Asset based loans are perfect for just about every business cash need there is including payroll, business expansion, business mergers, management buy outs, financing expansion, Turnaround finance, Refinancing existing business loans. Leverage sales growth today, The lack of money elasticity through regular bank financing is no longer an issue, Revolving credit lines container be secured by your raw materials and finished goods inventory. Access huge amounts of cash that have already been invested in the infrastructure.




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