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While we get thousands of questions here are the most common. Feel free to write us with any other questions that you might have. While our service is straight forward we also understand that many are trying to find simple answers to simple and even complex questions and we would love to help.


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Why Use Business Funders?

This is the easiest one to answer yet many people don't understand how difficult it can be to find the right lender. In the business and commercial finance world it is important to find lenders that specialize in your deals. The lenders always have the best rates and the best programs. IF you go to a used Ford Dealer and ask for a Volkswagen - they can get yu one but you will pay a high price. This is no different than the lending world. Finding the right lender is the biggest challenge for you. And finding the right customer is the biggest challenge for the lenders. We bridge the gap by bringing the best deal to the best dealer.


How Many Different Programs Are available?

Literally there are thousands of different financing deals available. These deals are based on the type of loan. and remember that by having a few lenders compete for your deal you always win with a great rate and the best program available.


Why Should I Let Multiple Lenders Quote Me?

Lenders have free reign to quote what they will on deals. When others lenders are involved they have to make their deal very competitive and this alone can save you thousands of dollars on your loan interest and points and for many it has saved tens of thousands of dollars with a substantially lower payment. we wouldn't do it any other way.


What Does Business Funders Cost Me?

The answer is nothing. There is no cost nor is there any obligation to use Business Funders. When you enter your information lenders will call you with their programs. it is up to you to find the best deal for your needs. There will be an interest rate and usually points associated with every financing deal. This is worked into your loan with the lender that you choose.