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Asset financing is naturally structured since a line of credit secured by a exact asset or across a combination of existing assets. Typically this comprises of: accounts receivables, finished goods inventory, real estate, and/or equipment. With asset financing, a company uses its assets as collateral to attain capital. The financing institution does not possess the companies’ assets, but the assets can be seized if the business does not make its required payments on the loan. As well working capital, asset financing can be used for several other purposes.

Asset based loans are perfect for Company attainment and business mergers, Management acquire outs, financing expansion, Turnaround finance, Refinancing existing business loans. Gifted to leverage sales growth today, The lack of elasticity through regular bank financing is no longer an issue, Revolving credit lines container be secured by your raw materials and finished goods inventory, Access huge amounts of cash that have already been invested in the infrastructure .
If your business is appear for asset financing, we can demonstrate you sources where you can get the working capital your company requests. Just tell us some information with your business and we will show you a list of funding sources that you contest with. We only give you lenders whose criteria you convene 100% so you won’t have to waste your time with a funding source that you won’t be able to succeed with.


Using balance sheet assets or invoice financing (such as accounts receivable, short-term investments or inventory) to attain a loan or borrow money - the borrower grant a security interest in the assets to the lender. This differs from traditional financing methods, such as issuing debt or equity securities, as the company simply pledges several of its assets in replace for a quick cash loan.

This type of financing is naturally used for short-term borrowing or working capital. Companies using asset financing commonly pledge their accounts receivable except the use of inventory assets is becoming more frequent.
Asset-based financial services organizations play a necessary part in financing the economy and are dedicated to the enlargement and well-being of their clients.