Business Financing Cash Advances


With this loan your credit score should be 540 and above! That is what is scrutinized by the lenders. This is the fastest loan that you can get with a typical same day or 24 hour approval. A merchant account cash advance loan uses your current monthly credit card receipts.


The advance is based on your monthly credit card receipts. For pay back a portion of the total amount loaned is paid back through auto withdrawal from your credit card receipts. This makes it very easy as you may not miss the amount taken out.


Many of our customers take these loans out repeatedly to grow their business or use as working capital. This money can be used for anything related to the business. Back credit card receipts might be verified. 


Credit Score Questions:

What is the minimum credit score you can have and get a business cash advance loan using your merchant account?  540


What is the minimum score you can have and get an unsecured business loan?



***If you are willing to use equipment or receivables to get a secured business loan then your credit score can be much lower and is not the primary factor in getting approved for the business loan.







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