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There are a lot of advantages of having money right now in today's business environment! Those receivables that are 60 and 90 days out can be paid now if you use an accounts receivable company.


What Amounts Can Be Funded?

From $10,000 to over 3 million in receivables can be funded


Who can be funded?

Everyone from Start Ups to to service oriented companies, manufacturing, temporary staffing agencies, nursing registries, cable installers, security guard companies, corporate consultants.


What Deals are Harder To Fund with Factoring?

Construction, Medical Invoices that involve third parties, US Govt. Invoices, POs for uncompleted work, Spot Factoring Clients.


Are their Application Fees for Factoring?

No. And their are no "time and mileage" contracts or fees like competitors want to charge. No monthly lock box charge, no check clearance charges.


What Reporting Do You Offer?

Online Direct email marketing


How Do You Return Overages?

Very promptly once the customers check clears our lock box. We realize cash flow is a main concern and and the result should help not hinder


Do You Have To Factor All Invoices?

No - you Pick and Choose?


How Do I Add A New Customer To Factoring?

Simply send in the name and address to the factoring company and they will approve them


How Much Money Do I Get in Advance?

It ranges depending on the deal. Most of the time at least 90% can be advanced but the true range is 80% to 97%


What is The Cost To You For Factoring?

Generally in the 1% range for admin fee and typically there is a small discount fee under .70 % but it can range.


Why Use Factoring?

With a very small cost you can get money now. For many businesses cash flow is critical and factoring is just a cost of doing businesses. Remember that over 100 Billion account dollars have been factored. It makes sense for a lot of companies.


-Make payroll

-Make timely tax payments

-Pay Vendors or Purchase materials

-Benefit from trade discounts or special buys

-Expand your business

----or any other timely cash flow need


How Long To Get Approved?

Very fast - forms can be sent the same day. Overnight them back and your account can be funded in just several days many times.




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