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Heavy Equipment Financing and Leasing


Heavy equipment leasing can be used to finance any asset-based equipment that you need to run your business.   Purchasing heavy equipment requires a large capital investment.  Leasing is an excellent alternative for many businesses. 


Business Funders works with numerous equipment leasing companies to provide the most options and best rates available.  We offer equipment leasing financing programs for the purchase of equipment such as warehouse systems, earth moving equipment, fork lifts, office equipment, and furniture.  Some examples are listed below:








Off Road Trucks

Backhoe Loaders


Fork Lifts

Warehouse Systems

Office Equipment

Office Furniture

And many more!


Business Funders offers several types of lease programs to suit your needs.  You may choose a Lease Purchase which allows you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease for a nominal fee.  This type of lease requires higher monthly fees, but is an excellent choice if you anticipate keeping the equipment at the end of the lease term.  An operating lease will have lower payouts, and the business will be allowed to purchase the equipment at market value at lease end. 


There are also different types of payment schedules when it comes to leasing.  There are a few of the available options, fixed payment, skip month, step- up and deferred.  Fixed payment is the most common with payments remaining the same from month to month out.  A skip month lease works well for a seasonal business allowing them to skip months during slow periods.  If your business does not have a lot of cash upfront, a step-up lease or a deferred lease may be a good choice for your business.  A step-up starts with lower payments that increase over time.  And a deferred lease actually allows the business to postpone the first payment for a few months.



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