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Casualty Business Insurance Online


Casualty Property Insurance is an important piece of any business owner’s portfolio.  It will not only protect  your property but it will also protect your company from the liability for casualty damages that occur in your office or store. 


It could take a business owner a long time to research the many insurance carriers to come up with the best property casualty insurance for their business.  Business Funders makes this daunting job fast and easy.  Fill out our information form and we will provide you with multiple quotes so you can choose the best possible coverage for your business. 






There are two parts to property casualty insurance.   Property insurance as the name suggests covers a building and its contents, furniture, files, inventory, and supplies when damage, theft or loss of some type occurs.  Casualty insurance covers the business against liability for damages to someone else or their property. 


Some business owners believe they do not need casualty insurance if they are leasing and do not own the building where they do business.  This is not true.  All business are potentially liable for things accidents at their business site whether they actually own the building or not.  While the owner of the building may have their own insurance, the leasee will need casualty insurance as well.  Business owner always want to make sure they have adequate liability coverage for losses caused by injury to other people or damage to the property of others.  Otherwise these types of losses can be devastating. 


At Business Funders we can help your business by connecting you with insurers that will make sure you have the right balance between the cost and benefits of all your commercial insurance policies.