Commercial Building Insurance Online


It is important to protect your assets through Commercial Building Insurance.  This insurance covers the actual building as property, and the work that is done within the building.  The policy would cover the property in case of a disaster such as a fire, theft or vandalism.  The policy may also includes some liability coverage and loss of revenue coverage.



Purchasing commercial building insurance can be confusing.  At business funders our professionals understand that every business has different needs.  Get your insurance quotes now by filling out a short form and we will connect you with the best insurance providers for your business. 






There is a lot of risk involved in owning commercial property.  Some Commercial building insurance policies cover the actual value while others cover replacement cost.  Most agents suggest you purchase a replacement cost policy.   This type of policy will cost more, but if you do have a loss it will cover the cost to actually replace the damaged property. 


Some commercial building policies cover only the structure and contents.  While some policies protect your business property, protect against loss of business due to a disaster, as well as protect the liability of your company.  Liability coverage protects your business against claims of property of bodily injury to others.   This also includes protection against professional mistakes that may cost you or your clients. 


Business lenders can provide you with insurance quotes for all types of commercial buildings including office buildings, warehouses, and strip malls.  Let us help you find an insurance plan that will fit your business and your budget.