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Examples of Invoice Loans

 $260,000 Invoice Loan

Lawn Mower Manufacturer


$388,000 Payables Loan

Atlanta Georgia - Consulting


$690,000 Receivables Loan

Dallas Texas - Importer


$128,000 Invoice Factoring

LA California - Metal Coatings


$446,000 Invoice Factor Loan

Miami Florida - Auto Parts






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Invoice Factoring & Asset Receivables Based Loans


Inventory loan financing (also known as " Floor covering ") is the influencing of inventory by revenue of the value of the financed invoice as guarantee for the finance.


Inventory loan backing is a technique commonly used when a vendor or product reseller requirements supplementary credit and compensation terms longer than 30 days in order to sustain a absolute store of register for instantaneous customer accessibility.


 Secured by inventory and or other business assets
Money advanced as percentage of asset or the invoice owned. 50% plus advance rate on your  

       inventory is common
Financial statement requirements include past 3 years business financial statements as well as

      current interim

Get quotes from several different invoice lenders to make sure you are getting the very best price!



Expand your business with inventory finance. Most businesses need money to expand and grow and financing your receivables is a great way to make sure that you get money based on assets that is paid back over a period of time.


Every day we have companies ask us for quotes for loans that are based on their inventory assets! If your business needs money, working capital to expand or just to make payroll then contact us today for a free quote from experienced lenders.







Partial List Of Industries That We Provide Receivable Factoring

Accounts Receivable Financing  Staffing company

Line of credit financing for the staffing business and similar industries

Receivable Factoring Building Products Distributor
Credit sales financing for the Lumber and Building Products Distributor 

Commercial Accounts Factoring Manufacturing Company
Receivable Credit financing for the manufacturing business industry

Business Financing For Maintenance Service Companies
Accounts Credit financing for the maintenance service business industry

Accounts Factoring Service Providers
Credit sales financing for the entire service industry

Financing Metalized Coating Companies
Commercial loans and financing for  the metalized industry

Receivable Financing Auto Parts company
Invoice Factoring for the Auto parts companies

Factoring For Powder Coating Companies
Financial sales credit for the powder coating business accounts

Financing Cable Contractors
Commercial financing for cable contractors customers

Commercial Accounts Factoring Financing Utility Construction company
Business financing for  utility construction  receivable accounts

Factoring Machine Shop
Financial credit for machine shop business accounts

Accounts Factoring Financing Oil and Gas Industry
Financial sales credit  for the powder coating business accounts

Receivable Factoring Trucking company
Commercial accounts financing for  trucking customers

Accounts Receivable Factoring Freight Forwarding company
Commercial receivables financing for  freight forwarding  customers

Financing Healthcare Staffing company
Business financing for Healthcare Companies

Receivable Financing Government Contracts
Business financing for government contracts & government receivable accounts

Accounts Receivable Factoring for Distributors
Commercial financing for staffing for distributing customers

Factoring Loans For Freight & Trucking Companies
Financial credit line for the Freight and Trucking business

Accounts Receivable Factoring For Manufacturers (all types)
Business financing for manufacturers receivable accounts

Receivable Factoring Financing Medical Practitioners (doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons)
Financial credit for medical practitioner business accounts

Commercial Factoring Security Guards Companies and Similar
Business financing for security guards receivable accounts

Accounts Receivable Financing Temp Staffing Agencies
Financial credit line for temp staffing agency business accounts

And Many More Different Industries Serviced


-Purchase Order Financing


-Medical Receivables Financing