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Business Line Of Credit


A business line of credit is a money up to a certain amount available for you business to use as needed.  This is usually an unsecured loan.   It gives a business owner maximum flexibility and helps establish credit with other businesses.  It is the perfect solution for short term needs like cash flow shortages, increased inventory needs, and other unexpected expenses. 


Temporary Working Capital

Fast Loans

Unsecured Business Loan

From $5000 to $100,000

No Prepayment Penalty

Money Available When Needed


Maximum Flexibility  


Business Funders is your one stop source for the business line of credit that your needs.  We make the process quick and easy.   Fill out one application and our experts set you up with the best business line of credit options.






Most business lines of credit are unsecured and have very flexible terms.  Your business may be allowed to pay interest only payments monthly and then pay the principal at your convenience.    Lenders will look at a company‚Äôs revenues, cash flow and credit profile when determining how much credit to extend and at what terms.  Positive cash flow is generally necessary to obtain a line of credit. 


Business Funders has agreements with numerous lenders who are looking for worthy businesses in which to extend credit.    Let us simplify the process for you, by allowing you to fill out one application and get multiple offers.