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The very best in helping your company to grow with fast loans, unsecured and secured loan programs and much more. Even when the banks have said no - let us help!

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Business Financing Options


Even though we are currently in a tight lending market, there are numerous financing options for the entrepreneur.  Business owners have to decide whether to use their own resources, sometimes called bootstrap financing, to search for one of the many types of loans available, or to look to investors for capital. 


This is a partial list of the loans available through Business Funders:


  • Bootstrap Financing

  • Commercial Mortgage Loans

  • Venture Capital

  • Angel Investors Networks

  • Commercial Bridge Loans

  • Accounts Receivable Loans

  • Business Acquisition Loans

  • Business Development Loans

  • Business Line of Credit

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Account Factoring



At Business Funders we can simplify the process.  Fill out our mini application and our experts will get you in touch with the right type of lenders to help you get a business loan fast. 





The type of loans available to an individual entrepreneur will vary greatly depending on the age, size and type of business being conducted.  If the company has hard assets, or real estate, they might be able to receive a commercial mortgage or a hard money loan. 

There are other options that are not secured by real estate.   If you have sizeable accounts receivable an accounts receivable loan might work well or possibly account factoring.   It may be possible to simply get a business line of credit to boost cash flow.  If large sums are needed, many business look to venture capital. 



Determining how to finance your business is tough.  Business Funders can help whether you a looking to start a new business, grow your business or simply cover day to day operations.  We will give you free access to multiple lenders so that you can get the best loans and best rates. 



We Have So Many Different Loan Types To Choose From!

Accounts Receivable Financing,  Asset Based Lending Loan, Bridge Loan, Business Credit Card, Equipment Financing Loan, Franchise Loan, Hard Money Loan, Home Equity Loan, Inventory Financing Loan, Factoring Invoice, Line of Credit under $100K, Line of Credit over $100K, Purchase Order Financing, Retail/Merchant Cash Advance, SBA Loans, Term Loan, Truck Equipment Loan, Unsecured Business Loan over $25K ,Unsecured Business Loan under $25K, Working Capital Loan, Equipment Leasing, Commercial Mortgage Loans. Apartment Loan, Construction Loan, Development Loan, Healthcare/Medical , Hotel/Motel Financing, Industrial Building Loans, Retail Center Loan, Office Building Loan, Other Commercial Loans and much more.


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