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Equipment Leasing For Medical Equipment



An equipment lease can be an excellent choice for a business because it allows the business owner to pass along the expense of a large equipment acquisition at least a while.  The third party, lessor, purchases the equipment the business owner, lessee, wants and allows it to be used in exchange for payments over a period of time.  Research shows that as many as  8 out of 10 businesses, choose to lease some of their needed equipment.  The medical field is no exception.  Medical equipment is expensive so many practices choose to lease part or all of their equipment. 


Medical equipment leasing makes it possible for medical professionals to avoid a large investment.  Two advance payments are generally all that will be required at the beginning of the lease.  This allows you to keep working capital in the bank while still acquiring necessary business equipment.  There are constant advances in the medical industry.  Leasing is also a great way to protect your business against the obsolescence of current equipment.  Leasing allows you to easily upgrade when newer better equipment becomes available.   Medical practices can replace outdated equipment while conserving capital for other business expenses.


Most equipment lease agreements are for a 12 – 60 month term. There are several different types available.  Of course there is the standard fixed payment lease where payments are the same every month.   Another option is a skip month, allowing the lessee to skip months during slow seasonal periods.  If business is short on capital initially they might consider a step-up lease or possibly a deferred lease.  A step-up starts with lower payments and increases them over time.  A deferred lease allows the business to postpone the first payment for several months, usually 2 to 3 months.  


There are different tax consequences to consider when deciding to lease or purchase equipment.  In many cases the lease payments will be fully deductible as a business expense.  While purchases must be depreciated, in 2009 the IRS is allowing businesses to deduct up to $250,000 for a purchase in the first year. A business owner should consult an accountant to determine the best option for their particular business. 


Business Funders partners with companies that provide both medical equipment leases and medical equipment financing options.  Our many connections make it possible for you to get the best rates and terms for your medical equipment needs.  We can help established medical practices that need to upgrade or modernize.  If you are starting a new medical practice we can provide excellent options for medical equipment loans.



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Business Funders provides medical equipment leasing and medical equipment loans following medical equipment products:


Diagnostic Medical Equipment

Medical Imaging Equipment

            Ultrasound Equipment

            Digital X-ray Equipment


Medical Lab Equipment and Supplies

Surgery Table

Medical Cabinetry


Flat Screen Monitors

Anesthesia Machines


Medical Reception Furniture

Portable Medical Equipment

Patient Monitoring


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