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Medical Receivables Financing


Medical receivable financing is the easiest way to obtain working capital for your business. The amount is strictly based on the rate of the invoices from your insurance corporation – your accounts receivable. If your sales go up, the amount of your financing necessarily goes up. Thus what does that mean? Cash flow crunches can be avoided and you don't have to worry about slow-paying consumers. We do not judge your company's credit history nor do we seem at other reason vital to traditional lenders such as a trace record of profitability, definite net worth or whether or not you have hard assets for collateral, etc. With us, you use the creditworthiness of your insurance companies to get the working capital you necessitate.

Therefore, medical receivables financing has several advantages over traditional loans and other category of financing. You avert: restrictive covenants, tying up all your assets, giving up equity, relying on your trust for funding, the burden of periodic loan payments, and going through the annual loan appraisal process. You should converge on what you do best - successively your business and increasing sales. For medical providers that have accounts receivable with a net understand value (NRV) of $500,000 or less, we offer our medical factoring agenda which is a funding program that purchases your billings (net realized value) at a reduction.


1st Commercial Credit realizes that a successful healthcare practice depends as much upon useful financial management as it does on eminence care. For this reason, an increasing integer of healthcare providers is gaze for finance companies that can help them handle their cash flow requirements. 1st Commercial Credit can facilitate financial funding of medical receivables and has a well seasoned staff that was created specifically to handle this unique financial niche.


Our mission is to provide capital to a nationwide network of healthcare providers as well as, but not limited to sole practice Physicians, group practice physicians, nursing homes, hospitals, home healthcare companies, rehabilitation -physical therapy companies, durable medical equipment providers, MRI, radiology centers, ambulance service providers and laboratories. While many industries are very familiar with the use of accounts receivable financing to develop the consistency of their cash flow and increase their bottom line, the overwhelming majority of health care providers have never heard about this service, and do not realize what accounts receivable financing can do for them.