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Office Equipment Leasing and Financing


Let’s face it, to remain competitive a business needs the proper office equipment and furnishings.  However, getting everything you need or updating old furnishings can be expensive.  At Business Funders we work with a variety of lenders to provide your business with smart solutions for office equipment finance. 


You may choose to finance your equipment, but often a lease makes the most sense.  In a lease a third party company actually buys the needed equipment and allows the business owner to make monthly payments in exchange for the use of the equipment.  Leases are quicker than other types of loans.  They give a business financial flexibility, while allowing them to stay on top of technology changes. An office equipment lease makes it easier for your company to get the office equipment it needs while keeping capital reserves for other important aspects of business.


Most leases only require two upfront payments, so the initial investment is low.  There are a few different types of equipment leases.  The most common, a standard fixed payment lease, will have the same payment every month.   A skip month lease allows a business to skip months during season, or slower sales periods.  Step-up leases and a deferred lease are good options for business that are low on initial spending capital.  A step-up lease, as its name suggests, starts with lower payments that increase over time. In a deferred lease the initial payment is postponed for a few months. 


Business Funders makes applying for office equipment financing.  By filling out our mini application our professional can connect you to a variety of providers.  Our equipment financing programs can help you expand and modernize more quickly or install the latest and most efficient office equipment and furniture. 



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 Office equipment leasing is the perfect solution businesses who want to:



  • Copiers
  • Software
  • Business Computers
  • Printing Equipment
  • Office Space Optimization
  • Waiting Room Furnishings
  • Telecommunication Equipment