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Private Working Capital Investors


Private capital comes form individuals or groups of investors willing to invest private capital in exchange for equity in the business.  Private investors are also called Angel Investors.  They usually work in groups, with 80-90 members on average.


  • Amount of Private Capital has Increased Steadily Over Several Years 

  • Excellent source for Start-up Capital

  • Often Invest Large Sums of Money

  • Terms Can Be Flexible with Every Situation

  • Great for Charismatic Entrepreneurs


While obtaining private capital can be a complicated process, Business Funders can connect your business to the right lenders for your business.  By filling out one no obligation application we can get you a free matched list of private capital investors.




Private investors do have strict criteria when looking for companies.  They expect a high rate of return, generally 30-40% range.  They expect to see a company that has a lot of growth potential, is well managed.  Because these investors are putting in their own capital even the personality of the entrepreneur may be considered. 



Business Funders has agreements with numerous lenders who are looking for worthy businesses in to invest in.    Get started on the way to the capital you need by filling out one simple application.    


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