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Small Business Equipment Leasing


There are a lot of reasons that a small business would choose to lease equipment rather than purchase.  Leasing equipment can help a small business get the necessities to success in their industry while avoiding the need for large upfront capital.  Leasing is the only way many businesses can get the equipment they need.  In face, as many as 8 out of 10 business owners choose to lease some or all of their equipment.   


A lease allows the business owner to pass along the large expense of new equipment to a third party, and then pay them back over a period of time.  Leases generally involve payments made over 12 – 60 months.  At the end of the lease term the lessee will have the option of purchasing the leased item, usually for a predetermined amount, or simply turning it in.  Often the business owner will not choose to purchase the equipment but instead will choose to lease a new better form of that equipment.  In this way, a lease also protects a business owner from the obsolescence of purchased equipment.  It is a great way for small businesses to compete and remain current.      



Small business can also see tax benefits from an equipment lease.  In many cases the entire lease payments will be tax deductible and the business owner will not have to claim depreciation.  There are a few options available, fixed payment, skip month, step- up and deferred.  Fixed payment is the most common with payments remaining the same month in and month out.  A skip month lease works well for a seasonal business allowing them to skip months during slow periods.  If you are short on cash, either a step-up lease and a deferred lease would be a good options.  A step-up starts with lower payments that increase over time.  A deferred lease allows the business to postpone the first payment for one to three months.    



Business Funders is a brokerage and that allows us to partner with multiple lenders.  Our professionals will help you find the best possible rates and terms for your equipment leasing needs.  So if you are just getting started or trying to grow your business we can save you time and money with smart solutions. 



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Here are a few of the types of businesses we provide equipment leasing and financing for:



Dental Equipment

Farming Equipment

Medical Equipment

Office Equipment

Salon Furnishings

Retail Fixtures

And More!



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